Aquarius men dating aquarius women

There is a lot of energy from the unconventional Uranus.

With only a little work, this can be a five-star relationship, but whether the two of you bother is an open question.

Because many Aquarian women like to collect (or rather acquire) things of interest - and interest is more important than nostalgic value - it would be a good idea to take an occasional trip to places where these things can be found, even if it's a little shop around the corner.Almost every interest becomes an obsession, and until it's shocked or surprised away, he will be find it hard to give it up.Final Score: Aquarius Woman Aquarius Man compatibility = 90%.He may have made the same comment to you, or will do so in the future.With double fixed signs, it's one of those things that you're not likely to do anything about until later in life, if at all, but it's a problem that both of you can live with.

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