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They thrust against each other, building towards another climactic release, but before they can reach their peak, he pulls away, breaking their clasping embrace, and pulling out of her soft silky warm wet depths. The unsuspecting swimmer stops dead on her way to the water, only just avoiding tripping up. " she forcibly declared "Well ok, but I want to do a couple of lengths." The vibrator is switched off, and he swims off to the other end of the pool.

Deep in her pussy, the egg gave of a strong rumbling vibration. A few lengths and several pulses of the vibrating egg later, and they climb out of the pool to go get changed.

She looks over her shoulder at her tormentor, who is still peering out of the changing room. The naughtiness is curtailed on the way out of the sports center, as they are both eager to get back home.

It's usually all I can do to stop myself breaking out in a large protrusion...

He occasionally pauses and nibbles on her thighs, teasing her instead of giving the more that she is starting to demand.

After several minutes of this he starts to move inwards, working on her inner lips, sticking his tongue deep in to her snatch.

As they enter the front doors of the pool, she starts to rub her thighs together tightly when she walks, in an attempt to try and control the dripping, but causing her hips to sway provocatively. " "Yep, see you in a second." After a brief absence, the lovely sexbomb returns from the bathroom, and they go down to the changing rooms where they take a cubicle together.

After paying the entrance fee and getting past the front desk of the pool without comment -- the raincoat blending in with all the other people wearing their wet weather gear due to the filthy conditions earlier in the day -- they proceed to the changing rooms. Because of her relative undress, it takes her seconds to get ready, giving her the chance to watch her man do an impromptu striptease as he gets ready to put his swimming trunks on.

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