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His popular tumblr blog j-mobear.and his You Tube channel J Mo have been seen across Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and the rest of social media due to his two popular dancing videos that have received millions of views from around the world…Never sure what to say when you see a cute guy on here?

Do you just constantly check out his profile and hope that he notices your “views”? Sometimes you’ve got to be the one to send out that first message and break the ice.…

Last time we offered our chasers a look into a fling with a big man, and now it’s time for six secrets that every chub needs to know before starting their spring fling!

Luck of the Irish: Getting Lucky in 2016 Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up, and that has us thinking about the old tradition of Irish luck. We’ve dealt a lot here in our Community Voices corner with finding romance and relationships in the chub and chaser community…

Often treated as strictly as fetishists with inclinations toward feederism, if not outright as an Acceptable Target.

In Real Life, some prefer the term "Fat Admirer." Both labels are often applied to who dates a heavy person but isn't overweight themselves, regardless of any other qualities they like in the person or if they simply find that person attractive with no particular fetish.

Also, in The Gay '90s, the actress Lillian Russell weighed 200 pounds in her prime, and was considered one of the most beautiful and desirable women in America.) The pop-culture obsession with thin women is actually relatively new.

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It’s spring time, and many of us big guys are feeling the need to sow some wild oats, recover from that winter hibernation, and find a bear, cub or chaser that can help relieve that pent-up tension.Don't wait any longer to find the chub, chaser, chubby bear or bear of your dreams. So of course we built our site with powerful location-based tools.On Chasabl you can specify your location in your profile by entering a city name, zip/postal code, or even an address (don't worry, it will always remain private).Com also Visit our Tornado Alley Video Channel on You Tube for our latest videos!Chaser Cam™ Not for rebroadcast or reproduction in any format.

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