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Perhaps it is the fact they bear the wear of history - and I am drawn to old things.It could be that I find a quiet romance in them, as they stand still morning, noon, and night, eyes unblinking - never participating but always observing, and part of me hopes that through a momentary touch I can unleash all their hidden secrets and stories; see what they've seen, know what they know.Today I went with some friends to see Babes in Toyland at the Kimmel Center.

Center City Philadelphia's streets are close to teeming with horseties, and tiny statuettes flanking doorways like sleepy guards; if I pass within arms-breadth of them, I splay my fingers out so I can brush them as I walk, fingertips connecting with their cool roughness.

This is what makes me a a rambunctious and erractic dinner guest, as well as a terrible role-model for boring children.

This wild-and-crazy life style means two things: All is not lost however, as I did have time to find the Monday Morning Quiz, and I know that's all you lot come around here for anyway. I'm not giving up my fun for anybody - so unless you want to arrange things financially so that I no longer need to work, you're just gonna have to take what you can get). I need to have a nice, long nap...Toyland, that is.

I see a future now when grandchildren brave dusty attics and open ancient trunks to laugh at grandma and grandpas discarded cocktail napkins - embarrassed at the bohemian frankness they used to express the shock they felt when their eyes met across the crowded room. ) Here are my super arch-nemesis: The gallant Twaoonsi Ranger (Twaoonsi-Ranger, Twaoonsiranger, Ranger Twaoonsi, Ranger-Twaoonsi, Rangertwaoonsi)Power(s): Super strength, Precognition Source of powers: Extra-terrestrial demonic Weapon: Fire Discs Transportation: Air Zebra The satanic Jefdds Warriorr (Jefdds-Warrior, Jefddswarrior, Warrior Jefdds, Warrior-Jefdds, Warriorjefdds)Power(s): Danger sense, Light generation/control, Super-human weight-guessing accuracy Source of powers: Extra-terrestrial mutant curse Weapon: Star Bullets Transportation: Azuremobile And here is their cheesy tale.

Please feel free to post the pictures and tales of your own heros in the comments (or post a link if you decide to do it on your blog.) I could do with a good read. I like to think of myself as a pretty laid back person.

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