Dating a busy business man

I did not see my boyfriend for two months, even though we are in the same city and a half-hour drive apart.

That dilemma triggered me to perform a Google search: how to date an entrepreneur.

(As always, apologies in advance for every time I say “he” or “the guy” — I really just mean the person you’re dating.) It’s important to recognize that there are different levels of togetherness, and not every long-term boyfriend or girlfriend will be a true partner.

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His schedule is like a Lego block: packed and stacked.

Four hours of sleep is normal; late-night writing happens every day, and productivity peaks at night. He left the bed after watching you fall asleep, and you watch him sleep in the morning. Every month, he will (try his best to) block a weekend out for us look for a new place and spend the weekend together, outside of work.

I love that he turns into the ordinary guy in shorts and flip flops, and talks about the science of F1, instead of VC, investment, return and money. Make sure you have a firm answer in your heart that has nothing to do with monetary value. There will be times you feel lonely, proud, in doubt and in love, but you know right this moment you want to be there for him.

Your heart will tell you if he is worth the long wait.

M Scott Peck said that two people love each other only when they are quite capable of living without each other, but choose to live together.

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