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Sure, men and women are different in some ways, and, on average, possess different emotional spectrums.

But it’s not like the sexes are completely different animals.

Hi Stan, Let me begin this by saying that your question is a little silly.

Of course, women do feel bad when they engage in cheating behavior.

In the 1950s, a lot of adult women stayed at home all day, and a lot of adult men went to workplaces where there were women. Meanwhile, men were seen as sexual beings, but women had to be chaste.

Today, that strict division has eroded somewhat, and anyone with a dating app on their phone could conceivably get laid tonight (yes, even you).

And the people who do this probably feel a little bad, like a distracted driver who gets into a fender bender.

But, historically, differences in cheating behavior resulted from differences in access to sex, and attitudes toward it.If you’re asking questions like “Are women capable of perceiving the color blue?” and “Can women smell a freshly baked pie coming out of the oven,” you should probably replace the word “women” with the word “humans.” Also, just generally, it’s a bad idea to conclude that you know something deep about human nature based on a small set of observations about a small group of people.With that said, let’s address a revised version of your question. And the answer, unfortunately, is “maybe.” I wish I could give you some sort of pithy, universally applicable piece of wisdom that translated into all situations, so you could be less confused by human behavior. To start with, I’ll note something that you’ve probably noticed yourself, which is that just about everyone is great at rationalizing their own actions. They got drunk, or they got lonely, and they were on a business trip, and some adorable idiot got handsy with them at a bar, and they went along with it, because sometimes your gonads overpower your higher brain.About 90% of the time, when people do sh*tty things, they immediately think, “But I have this excuse, so it doesn’t mean I’m not a good person deep down.” In terms of cheating specifically, the inner dialogue often goes like this: “I cheated, but I wasn’t really happy sexually, so I needed to have sex with someone else for the sake of my happiness,” or “But I was drunk so I shouldn't be held responsible,” or “But it was just a one-time thing and it doesn’t mean anything, my partner is clearly overreacting.” The courage and stability to admit that you’ve done something wrong, and that excuses don’t matter, is really rare, and usually only comes with a considerable amount of age and maturity. Beyond this basic fact, it gets a little more complicated, because different people cheat for different reasons. The way I think about it, there are basically four classes of cheaters: the one-time screw-ups, the unsatisfied, the semi-sociopaths, and the anti-monogamists, Like any proposed division of people into categories, this is inexact, but I think it does a pretty good job of capturing different kinds of infidelity. (In fact, they do frequently.) And this is just a normal class of human error.

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