Dennis approach to dating

It takes a courageous young man or an arrogant one to go through the interview for a date with our daughter. If you begin talking about interviewing her dates before your daughter begins adolescence, this should not become an issue when you actually begin doing it later on.I started conducting these interviews when Ashley was 17 and was mature enough to go on a date.Ultimately I came up with an eight-point checklist that I reviewed with the guys who wanted to take her out.What follows is a condensed composite of the interviews I’ve had over the years with young men interested in our daughters. (The eight points are shown in italics.) “Tom, the first thing I want to say is that .” We talk for a bit, and I tell him that I have done research on how often a young man thinks about sex (about every seven seconds).

We’ve been doing it ever since and found the benefits to be enormous.

The internet has changed human courtship, online dating is now mainstream.

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And I hope that someday when you have a daughter, you’ll interview her dates.” Doing these interviews is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my daughters as a dad.

And instead of creating tension and separation between my daughters and me, it has actually drawn us closer together. We need to teach our children how dating fits into the process of finding a spouse.

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