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Yahoo's Gemini marketplace for mobile and native ads launched in February and is now the default audience option in the Yahoo self-serve advertising manager. Yahoo Ad Manager launched in January as a simplified platform for advertisers to buy and manage native ad products like Stream Ads, Image Ads and sponsored Tumblr posts.

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Yahoo's native ads appear on the Yahoo homepage and in the following Yahoo products: Mail, Mobile Search, News, Sports, Finance, Celebrity, Movies, TV, Music, Travel, Homes, Autos and My Yahoo.Image from Yahoo Gemini advertisers have targeting options including geotargeting, broad and exact match, and negative keywords.They plan to offer sitelink, location and call extensions; phrase match; day parting; and device, language, radius and operating system targeting in the future.Some describe it as a subset of content marketing; others as content's "sponsored twin." Whatever your definition, native advertising has proven incredibly effective, especially against more traditional web advertising formats.A Sharethrough study, for example, found that people were 25% more likely to look at native ads than banner ads and viewed them 53% more frequently.

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