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You were left more to your own devices and my sister Julia and myself would make the two mile walk over ground no Parent would ever allow now.

It entailed going across fields, crossing two Stream's where no one would hear you if you fell in and along a fairly quiet Road.

It was considered to be one of the very first sexual exploitation films.

While the scenes in this film may seem mild compared to R-rated movies today, it was censored in many areas of the US. It mixes scenes played out by actors with real-life footage of psychologists explaining sex to people who are mentally disabled or, as this movie calls them, “trainables.” The famous Ricky scene is an example of what can happen when raising a mentally disabled child.

Firstly it meant a fairly long Bicycle ride and the route could take you through 'The Woods' where there was a huge WW2 Bomb Crater which made for superb jumps and crashes. It should have been only two, but a move of house intervened (something I always blame failing the 11 plus on!! Back then there was no Comprehensive system, just the 11 and into either Secondary or Grammar education.Most of them were male / female segregated and it could be argued over this being a good policy or not!On the way home we were uninvited, but always a welcome, guest to 'Skipper Gordon's' garden.This was a huge garden with loads of tree's, dips and a pond.

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