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The pleas of my children were just as Rachel Simmons predicted. Attorney General Kamala Harris had made a similar point earlier in the evening about everyone leaning out their windows to see what the kids were up to. But for whatever reason, while the parents had been talking about clothing, or activities or grades, few of us had talked to each other about this. Perhaps we didn't want to seem like the "uncool" parent.

My daughter claimed that she was going to be left out of her groups of friends if not let on. The watchful "elders" helped keep everyone in line. Perhaps every other kids' usage seemed more flagrant than our own. By talking to each other we were quickly able to get a handle on what other parents were seeing (my child it seemed, had been on KIK at pm one night when I was out of town!

Kids raced to see who had kiked them and formed multiple user chats with some "In" and others "out".

On the positive side, new friendships were formed, as I saw my son reach out beyond his "inner circle" and talk to kids he spends less time with at school.

And yes, they are privileged to have these devices, but I love their i Touches and that they can Face Time with grandparents in England, discover new music, do educational games, and yes, even entertain themselves sometimes. While I applaud the app's ability (and there are many others like it), I don't think they intended the effects it would have.

As a trend forecaster, it was interesting to watch the KIK trend spread in my own house.

I attended a powerful seminar by Rachel Simmons, author of , at The Marlborough School.

She talked about the addiction to texting, and how teen and preteen girls took each text as a sign of validation.

But the KIK's were still there, in the background, with my children having as many messages to return when they logged on as I do after a sick day and a constant sense that everyone was kicking without them.

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We are huge fans of Bryan Soderlind's photography, and his Instagram handle (@thegoldenbear) is a must-follow for every Floridian (or, really, all fans of gorgeous, emotional photography).

Previously, we shared selections from his Orange Blossom Trail series, but when we found out he was headed to Mike Busey's Sausage Castle, we could not wait to see the debauchery through Soderlind's bright lens.

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