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(so he says) Closing Skills: Slays nerd ass at Comic Con.Only because I'm pretty sure he's referencing Sir Mix A Lot's Baby Got Back, when he says "Klingon face with an Alderaan booty." And this makes me love him.A joint statement issued Monday notes the prevalence of online dating and says the companies' main objective is to keep users safe.

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There was a plea agreement to prevent a chance at a longer sentence.Everyone’s favorite psuedo-hottie murderous sociopath was front and center in tonight’s Family Guy season 14 premiere, titled, Pilling Them Softly.Just when the public had finally managed to start putting Jodi Arias out of their collective memory, up she pops in the hugely popular Fox network comedy—like a jail-dwelling, Mormon-killing, bad apple.Trekkers are a savvier lot, and legend has it, the term was originated in the 1970s to try draw a line between those fans jumping on the Star Trek band wagon, and the die- hards, who were there from episode 1- the Trekkers. Conversation Skills/Rapport: Scottish import so he kinda sounded like Shrek. Closing skills: Pretty normal dude, weird he's on Date A Trekkie.For those of you who haven't fallen asleep, join me on this space odyssey and see if I find a handsome young inner galactic virgin who might want to get in Uranus. His Approach/Chat Up Line: "Let's get butt naked and fuck." (actually no, that was 2Live Crew.) Conversation Skills/Rapport: Fascinating.

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    The only instance when a first runner-up assumed the title of Miss USA prior to this period was in 1957, when Mary Leona Gage of Maryland resigned after it was discovered she was married.

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    If you’re ever having a problem with your phone that’s related to how it accesses the Ting network, updating your phone’s profile is the best place to start.

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