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The scandalous nature of their affair became a catalyst for the events that would destroy the fellowship between the Knights of the Round Table. In some, Guinevere is already married to Arthur when Lancelot sees her for the first time; in others, Arthur and Guinevere have not yet married but are betrothed.

Some stories say that Arthur was in love with Guinevere and others say it was marriage of convenience.

He made himself invaluable to King Arthur, fighting many battles by his side and earning his trust and respect.

But Lancelot’s heart was breaking because he had fallen in love with Guinevere, who was married to Arthur.

There is a kind of magic that surrounds the figure of King Arthur – everyone thinks of him as the man who pulled a sword from the stone, who rose from a beggar to a King, who had a round table surrounded with knights and even a wizard as at his disposal.

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