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But with all the technological changes that are driving this industry forward – the one element that never changes is the profound significance of the human touch.

This is where Straus Events stands out as your best choice for a partner.

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I am in sales I have very high standards for delivery and have no problems speaking up if I'm not happy. The building project was managed well and all aspects were excecuted on time.

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In the end of the day, events are all about people working with people. At Straus Events, we answer this with one phrase: the power of community.

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All finishes were first class and we would recommend Hennie Bothma Constructions to any prospective client. You gave me a deadline and you met it, the finishing touches are exceptionally dedicated workmanship. Not only was I impressed with the service, but most importantly you stayed within my budget.

I have never seen such wonderful service, workmanship and dedication in home construction ever. Thank You Hennie Bothma Construction for all the hard work and I will recommend you to anybody who needs home improvement or construction work.

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