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For countries such as South Korea, Russia, and China, the use of dashcams is an integral part of the driving experience.

Other countries such as Austria and Switzerland strongly dashcams due to visual privacy concerns though.

As described so far, it would be possible to follow a user’s path by linking a series of VPs adjacent in space and time.

To protect against this, each vehicle also uploads a number of creates guard VPs with a trajectory starting at the other vehicles initial location (as recorded in the view digest), and ending at its own (V’s) location. There are readily available on/offline tools that instantly return a driving route between two points on a road map.

However, the difficulty here is that users are not often aware whether or not they have such video evidence.

Dashcam’s are becoming increasingly popular in many parts of Asia and Europe (over 60% adoption in South Koreo for example).The anonymised, self-contained VPs are stored in a central VP database by authorities.The dashcam system itself keeps a rolling window (typically 2-3 weeks worth of driving time) of video footage associated with these VPs).Once the current minute of recording is complete, each vehicle generates its View Profile, VP, for that minute.The VP contains the sixty View Digests for the minute, plus a Bloom filter of the first and last View Digests received from each neighbouring vehicle as above.

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