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“When I think about it, it’s like, ‘Yeah, you want to go to parties and hook up with as many people as you can because it’s college,’ ” said Calder. At the end of the day, I’d rather wake up in bed next to my best friend.” When Sarah Graham and Jonathon Woo started dating in 2010, they were prepared for a challenge.The two have always been long distance — Jon graduated from UC Irvine last year, and Sarah is a senior at UC Berkeley.“We knew it was going to be difficult,” said Graham.“We were going to make it work because we wanted it to. When you find the person that you truly love, you’re going to make things work.” “I still feel like the luckiest guy in the world,” said Woo.Here are 10 things to know about the fascinating lives of these Americans, also known as the Pennsylvania Dutch.century schism in the Anabaptist church by followers of Jakob Amman, a Swiss minister who believed that adherents should "conform to the teachings of Christ and His apostles" and "forsake the world" in their daily lives. Language The Pennsylvania Dutch are not Dutch at all.The word Dutch is a corruption of "Deutsch" or German, of which they speak an ancient dialect.

But those who have made the four-year journey contend that their relationship has been invaluable to their college experience. “We know that college is a time where you just experiment.

And as they stumble over the history of their courtship — comfortably interrupting or correcting each other — one could have easily assumed that they had been together for four decades, not four years.

Bacarella hails from New Jersey; Ladner, Minnesota.

Because of its isolation, the language has a very different pronunciation than current German and has been influenced by the English of surrounding populations.

Some Amish, notably in Indiana, speak a version closer to Swiss-German.

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