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Wells Fargo spokesperson Alfredo Padilla emailed to say that as of Sept.

1, the bank had transferred servicing on all of its reverse mortgages to Champion Mortgage.

Lauderdale has tried desperately since filing Chapter 13 to get Wells to negotiate.

He writes them letters, and they acknowledge receipt of the letters, but that’s all.

If we can’t cure it, we have to get into an agreement with Wells, but Wells won’t agree.“It’s really awful,” Lauderdale says. There’s no humanity.”There may be no humanity, but there are certainly humans.

I tried to reach a few of them – the attorney handling the case for Wells, Dane Exnowski of Buckley Malode PC, didn’t return my call.

It is concluding with a 72-hour livestream on You Tube that will probably get somebody somewhere in trouble at some point.

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Witness, by comparison and despite those wacky promo gambits, feels like it’s making a bid for a level of artistic seriousness—a recognition of aesthetic vision—that Perry has never really been afforded.The room is crowded with the kinds of things people accumulate over 100 years – piles of photographs, trays of costume jewelry, paintings and other knickknacks.She’s tried to sell some of her Spode dishware – her only income is Social Security, and half of that goes to Hacienda’s association fees – so whatever money she can raise from selling belongings helps pay for a few hours of a personal care assistant a week.This can be discerned most clearly by its list of collaborators, which includes Mike Will Made It, DJ Mustard, Hot Chip, the underrated British house producer Duke Dumont, and three songs by the electro-pop indie band Purity Ring.It also must be noted that this is the first Perry album to not be almost entirely co-written and produced by the Hydra of Max Martin and Dr.

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