Sql management studio intellisense not updating

Our remote SQL Server was recently upgraded to 2014.I installed SQL Server Management Studio 2014 on my Windows 10 client computer. Suppose I'm typing The moment I type the period, I expect Intelli Sense to list the available tables, as it always does.Intelli Sense in SSMS isn't updating unless I shut it down and restart.I've tried disconnecting from the server and reconnecting while the SSMS session is active, but that isn't working.This is particular frustrating since the Auto Correct feature will mark your columns as being errors even though they are not.

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If so, you will quickly notice that it doesn't recognize your new object in the list.

You can download SSMS 2016 from https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt238290

I've personally found Intelli Sense to work more reliably with SSMS 2016 than what I was used to with 2014, especially when working over slower or less reliable network connections.

The cache is refreshed asynchronously in another session.

It sounds like two separate intellisense behaviors are perhaps being discussed in the comments. The discussion is around refreshing the cache in the case of schema changes, but "not working" could also just mean the intellisense dialog intermittently doesn't appear at all when it should. It's still supported to use it against SQL Server 2014 (in fact, it's supported to use it against instances as old as SQL Server 2008).

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