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The good Sadako exhibits, at one point, healing powers and the ability to see ghosts.She is also connected to the other Sadako, who wields more destructive powers (such as psychokinesis and teleportation in order to hunt down her victims easily and quickly) and uses them to defend the good Sadako when she is under distress, even if it is her own powers causing said distress.However, Sadako is depicted as biologically female in the films and no mention of the "Ring Virus" is made, although she expresses a strong yet malevolent desire to be reborn and in some adaptions, her curse is symbolically represented as "spreading sickness".Ring 0: Birthday introduced the concept of two Sadakos, an idea not present in the earlier Ring books or films.Rie Inō (Ring, Ring 2) Hinako Saeki (Rasen) Ayane Miura (Ring: Kazenban) Tae Kimura (Ring: The Final Chapter, Rasen (TV)) Yukie Nakama (Ring 0: Birthday) Ai Hashimoto (Sadako 3D, Sadako 3D 2) Elly Nanami (Sadako vs.Kayako)Shizuko Yamamura (mother, deceased) Heihachiro Ikuma (biological father in novels and adoptive father in films, deceased in both canons) Unknown sea demon (biological father, films only) Takashi Yamamura (uncle, deceased) Unnamed younger brother (deceased, novels only) is the central character and antagonist of Koji Suzuki's Ring novel series along with its numerous film and television adaptions.If the week expires, the victim will die of a heart attack, or of fright, depending on the continuity.

Sadako lives with her grandmother in Oshima Island, Shizuko's homeland, while Ikuma attempts to awaken potential psychic powers within himself by standing under waterfalls.When Sadako attacks him with her powers, Nagao throws her down a nearby well and seals her within.Foreseeing herself being reborn years later, Sadako vows revenge on the world before she dies.Foreign adaptations featured Bae Doona in the South Korean film The Ring Virus, Daveigh Chase as Samara Morgan in the American film The Ring, as well as Kelly Stables in The Ring Two and Bonnie Morgan in Rings. Sadako's character is not directly portrayed in Ring until the final scenes of the film, but is expanded briefly in Rasen and to a much greater extent in Ring 0: Birthday, although there are differences in these various portrayals.Sadako appears in Kōji Shiraishi's 2016 film, Sadako vs. In all versions of the Ring cycle, she appears as a young woman, around her late teens to early 20s, dressed in white, whose face is concealed behind her long black hair.

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