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It seems he is trying to make a name for himself without being associated with his parents.There is no information about his girlfriend or whether he is in a relationship or not.“As we all know, she comes from a very talented family and this gets us one degree closer to Kevin Bacon.” The honoree is traditionally the daughter (and in some year’s son) of a celebrity who assists in handing out the Golden Globes throughout the evening.Some recent notable Miss Golden Globes include Francesca Eastwood (2013), Gia Mantegna (2011), Rumer Willis (2008), and Dakota Johnson (2006).She made her first role playing the ten years old Emily in the movie “Loverboy” which was directed by her father.

And if her social media timeline lines up, it looks like they've been together for about three years.

In real life, Sosie doesn't have any of the tattoos, piercings, or the dramatic goth wardrobe Skye does.

Take a look at what Sosie looks like when not in full Skye makeup: fans to see what Skye looks like without her tattoos and piercings, the actual most shocking thing to find out about Sosie Bacon is that she has a very famous family.

collectively went from being a group of relatively unknown actors and actresses to some of the most recognizable faces in the world for young adult viewers, but you might not recognize one of the show's stars out of costume.

In order to play Clay Jensen's estranged friend Skye Miller, Sosie Bacon had to go through a radical transformation to look like she was just spit out of a Hot Topic.

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