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Another video shows two individuals interrupting Lilsecrett while she is openly masturbating for the camera. Library officials acknowledged earlier this week that a woman was asked to leave one of its branches for "suspicious behaviour" in January.

Lilsecrett posted dozens of videos filmed at library branches from October to January.

Police say the videos appear to have been recorded at Windsor’s Riverside and Fontainebleau public library branches.

"There are at least two library locations that we’re dealing with," said Sgt. "However, there may be additional locations that we're not aware of." D’Asti says investigators are looking into allegations that another video may have been recorded at a Tim Hortons restaurant.

Her lawyer, Tyler Jones, told the Windsor Star, “It’s been very stressful, of course.

There has been an unanticipated amount of attention brought to this.

She faces one charge of performing an indecent act. CBC reports that the videos were recorded at the Riverside and Fontainbleau branches. Me, it reads, “That’s right, the woman only known as “lilsecrett” on myfreecams showed herself Macaulay Chokin’ her female equivalent of a chicken and flashing her t*** and a** on camera in two different branches of the Windsor Public Library in Ontario, Canada.” At camgirl review site, Harriet Sugarcookie, it refers to Morra as “Lexi.” It calls her “a hotter, porn version of Velma from Scooby-Doo.” The Instagram page linked to at the bottom has been deleted.

Lilsecrett's videos show her revealing her breasts, buttocks and genitals in the presence of others, including men, at a public library.

Police received information regarding the identity of the woman who allegedly exposed herself and masturbated inside what appeared to be Windsor Public Library locations.

Police say officers made attempts to locate her on Thursday.

D’Asti says Windsor police have received "numerous phone calls" from people with information about the woman shown in the videos.

He added that additional charges may be laid as the investigation unfolds.

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