Women dating for money

A woman wants to be cherished; she does not want your paycheck.

If she does want your paycheck more than she wants you then she may not be the right girl for you.

If you are in this situation try to realize that you have a few choices here.

You can either strive to get a better paying job and improve your income or you can resign yourself to the fact that she makes more money and get on with your relationship.

Dating a woman who makes more money than you can be a bit of a blow to your self esteem.

You may sometimes get the sense that you are not enough for her and that you have to do more.

You left out a major issue, Larry, and it will be your downfall.

And you admit as well that you know you only give money to your wife.

When I returned to work we were constantly arguing on the phone over the smallest things.Anyway, I was able to get the attention of a beautiful 35-year-young divorced mom, Nico.Her son is eight and the only interaction he has with his father is the weekly pickup of the boy on the weekend.This is not to say there are not some dead beats out there that could care less but generally speaking men are providers at heart.If you are in a relationship with a woman who is making more money than you, you may be feeling a bit inadequate in this department.

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